“Art Of Almost” – Wilco

I knew very little about the band Wilco when I went to see them in concert last year.  Honestly, I was going to see their warm-up act Nick Lowe (who is a musical legend in my book).   Over the course of a month or so beforehand I went on iTunes and downloaded several songs so I could become more familiar with them.  I liked what I heard and found them to be both original and creative which is what always should be happening in any art form.  I also appreciate that there is a bit of an edge to their music and sense that they are pushing out traditional boundaries.  Formulas get old and boring fast even if they sell albums.  Tired and/or lazy artists just repackage and recreate the same old thing.

I became an even bigger fan after seeing the band live.  The opening song “Art of Almost” blew me away with is its musical intensity and the visual backdrop they provided for it.  It was like nothing else I had heard or seen before and I’ve been to a lot of concerts.  There are actual video clips of the show I attended at Merriweather Post Pavilion on YouTube but they are shortened.  I thought you might want to hear and see/hear the song in its entirety.  On a bigger stage it was visually stunning.

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