“Daydream Believer” – The Monkees

I’m not sure why I was so affected by the passing of Davy Jones last Summer, but I was.  Maybe it’s a nostalgic yearning for the innocence of youth.  Things seemed much simpler then.  I watched the short-lived TV show The Monkees repeatedly when I was younger.  The music was great and written by some of the top songwriters of that generation including Neil Diamond and Carole King.  The content wasn’t deep but not everything has to be deep.  I also spent most of the time laughing and smiling at the fun being had on-screen between the four members of the band.  Something about Davy Jones just made you like him.

I appreciate the fact that at least three members of the group managed to maintain a long-term friendship and reunite every once in a while.  There is something sweet and special about people keeping a connection like this and rekindling their youthful joy together.  I’m sure skeptics would believe that the primary motivation for their relationship was financial, however, I watched Mickey Dolenz on TV this week and it truly seemed like his friendship with Davy was meaningful and real.

Aging may be a physical reality but how you think about it is definitely a state of mind.  There is no reason not to dance and sing just like you did when you were younger.  I find it sad that many of us forget how to be silly and not so full of ourselves.  Adulthood already has enough seriousness built into it.  We also need to have fun.  By the way, who wouldn’t want to be a Daydream Believer?

I guess that the reality of your own mortality becomes more apparent when you begin to see the idols/stars from your youth pass on. The good news is that what once was will always have been.  A silly TV show from your formative years that made you smile, act foolish, become an avid fan of music, and dream a bit will always have a place in your heart and head. The artists may no longer be with us, but the joy they created is real, continues to reverberate, and lives on…Childhood is and should remain a special time in someone’s life.

I chose a fairly recent video from a reunion concert last summer because I found it to be a touching way to say goodbye and remember the man and his band mates.  The video quality and audio isn’t great but the positive vibe is worth watching it anyway. This is how I choose to remember Little Davy Jones: smiling, dancing and singing at 66.

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