“Standing On Top Of The World” – Van Halen

There are many opinions about which line up of Van Halen was the best.  While I have many fond memories of the early years with David Lee Roth (DLR), I believe Sammy Haggar brought their songwriting to new heights.  It was almost as if the group matured into serious musicians with more complex arrangements and better lyrics.  It was no longer about just showing off and keeping it light.  In addition Sammy’s vocal range far exceeded anything DLR could offer and allowed them to write in different keys.   I’ve always felt like Sammy doesn’t get the respect he deserves as a singer.   Of course they could still get down and dirty with the best of them, but songs like “Standing On Top Of The World” still stand the test of time.

Sadly this group of band members couldn’t manage to stay together and in my humble opinion Van Halen lost a bit of its magic as a result.  I doubt Eddie and Alex will ever reach these heights again.  The recent reincarnation with DLR again is a shadow of their former selves.  Sammy seems content to manage his business empire and play in his new band Chickenfoot with Michael Anthony for fun – good for him.  However, for a brief moment in time it did feel like they were standing on top of the world…


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Ed Robinson is an Executive Coach, Management Consultant, Teacher, Writer and Music Lover.
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One Response to “Standing On Top Of The World” – Van Halen

  1. I have to agree, Its kinda sad the way the best line up ever is no more and whilst I still listen to both VH and Sammy. I dont think Sammy can sing to save his life anymore which is a shame. What really got me mad though was the way Mikey got shafted from the band. But life goes on…… 🙂

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