“Secret Separation” – The Fixx

The Fixx are one of the rare bands from Britain that ended up being more popular in America than at home.  They certainly are a quirky group who have explored interesting themes and ideas in their music.  There are obviously some smart people in the band who have reflected deeply on their human experience.  They are also quite an interesting act to see live.  Lead singer Cy Curnin has an unusual almost theatrical way of expressing himself.

While the peak of their popularity was in the 1980s, The Fixx still tours to this day.  The older music holds up well and their newer songs are worth listening to.  Just because an artist loses popularity doesn’t mean they stop having interesting things to say.  Sometimes outside the glare of fame and blessed with the wisdom of life experience, songwriters can connect in more meaningful ways to their audience.

The song “Secret Separation” has always been one of my favorites.  It comes across as a heartfelt yet adult take on the ending of a close relationship.  Instead of the usual rancor and angst offered by most songwriters, it values the moment in time for what it was and accepts the reality that things may change and people can grow apart.  You never lose the experience of what was once good because it no longer feels that way.  I’ve also been told the song is about reincarnation, but I prefer interpretation (which is as it should be). In the end “we are passengers in time lost in motion locked together. Day and night, by trick of light…” and sometimes you “must take another journey and meet with other names.”


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Ed Robinson is an Executive Coach, Management Consultant, Teacher, Writer and Music Lover.
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