“Like A Rock” – Bob Seger

On this beautiful summer night I can’t help but feel a bit nostalgic. Time does fly by but the moments can be precious if you are paying attention. When you have your own children you realize that youth may be fleeting even though the memories can last a lifetime. I believe there is a period in every young man’s life where he feels invincible. The burdens of responsibility and hard lessons of life have yet to weigh you down. The future looms brightly on the horizon and your self-confidence and idealism helps you hold your head high, square your shoulders and move forward in the direction of your dreams. Anything seems possible.

Bob Seger does a great job of reflecting back on this reality in his song, “Like A Rock.” It is such a well written song that it became the anthem for a car company that literally played for years as part of their advertising campaign. It also has a killer guitar solo. The beauty of the song is that he wrote it with none of this in mind. Like most of his songs, they were written by a man coming to grips with the various stages in his life. I’ve always felt that much of what Seger writes is autobiographical especially the songs that truly connect (and there are many). He has a special way of tapping into and reflecting back emotions that we all feel at some point (good and bad). I also like that most of his songs don’t claim to have an answer but rather encourage us to ask the right questions.


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Ed Robinson is an Executive Coach, Management Consultant, Teacher, Writer and Music Lover.
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