“Girl In The War” – Josh Ritter

In the jungle of mediocrity and regurgitation that seems to be our popular music scene these days there are still singer songwriters who stand out. They are more than capable of receiving the torch being passed by the talented artists of previous generations.  Josh Ritter definitely fits this mold.  When you listen to his music it has a timeless quality.  You can hear the multiple songwriting influences in his music: Bob Dylan, Gram Parsons, Jackson Brown, Bruce Cockburn, etc.

What is clear when you follow the career of Josh Ritter is that he is all about the music.   His already deep catalogue of songs just keeps getting better.  You get the sense of an artist coming into his prime.  He is obviously committed to churning out high quality compositions.  He can easily alternate between stripped down and highly produced arrangements.  Josh and his band have been touring extensively for quite some time now and it shows in their musicianship.

Oddly enough even though he is from Minnesota, it was a British music magazine that first introduced me to him.  I understand he is quite highly regarded in the United Kingdom and Ireland.  Clearly people in that part of the world appreciate musical talent when they hear it.  The first song I heard from him was “Girl In The War and from that moment on I was hooked.  The lyrics are complex and powerful, the music highly crafted and the singing bare yet emotive.  What more could you ask from songwriter?

I saw him live almost four years ago and had the good fortune to meet him afterwards.  He came across as a really nice guy.   He was also completely at ease on stage (not all that common in my experience of performers).  You got the sense of a man doing what he was meant to be doing and enjoying every minute of it.

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Ed Robinson is an Executive Coach, Management Consultant, Teacher, Writer and Music Lover.
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One Response to “Girl In The War” – Josh Ritter

  1. Thrilled to find another Josh Ritter fan – the man pens such poetic lyrics!

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