“100 Years” – Five For Fighting

There is a rare breed of songwriter who arrives at a certain point and time and he/she runs off a string of hits which is hard to imagine.  They get the timing just right.  Five For Fighting is such a band and what’s even more impressive is the content and thought behind the songs. These aren’t formulaic pop compositions with unremarkable lyrics. They also aren’t mostly computer generated tunes that simply replicate different versions of the same beat or riff.  John Ondrasik is a serious songwriter with great talent who has something important he wants to say. His wisdom seems to be way beyond his years, but all good composers have that air about them.

Interestingly enough when music is this good it knows no generational or genre boundaries. Simply put, a good song is a good song and people get it.  I’ll never forget John’s performance of his hit “Superman” at the concert for fallen heroes shortly following 9/11 – it was a powerful moment.  It was just him and his piano and that was more than enough.  I’ve chosen the song 100 Years because I really like the music and message.   My belief has always been that the best songs make you both feel and think.  He truly is blessed with a special talent and I very much look forward to his future work.  Fortunately, the video happens to be a great accompaniment to song.



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Ed Robinson is an Executive Coach, Management Consultant, Teacher, Writer and Music Lover.
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