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“Bring It On Home/Trouble In Mind ” – Van Morrison with Tom Jones and Jeff Beck

A fun song for a Saturday morning by three incredible artists – Van Morrison, Tom Jones and Jeff Beck, obviously enjoying their time together. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, I hope this tune allows you to drift off for a few moments and brings a smile to your face. Continue reading

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“Brand New Start” – Paul Weller

I’ve never quite understood why Paul Weller doesn’t get the critical acclaim and respect he deserves in the United States. In Europe he’s been a big star for a very long time. Starting in his late teens with the punk rock band The Jam and then in 1980s in his soul, jazz and classical influenced partnership with Mick Talbot called the Style Council he has been writing thoughtful, complex and sometimes provocative songs pulling from multiple music genres. His creative influences are vast and it’s obvious. It has been a pleasure to follow “The Modfather” on his 35 year artistic journey. You never know what’s coming next. He has been solo since the early 1990s and his experimentation and great songwriting have only improved with age like a fine wine. Continue reading

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“American Tune” – Paul Simon

From what I’ve read and heard Paul Simon is the favorite songwriter of many of his contemporaries. It’s not that hard to understand why. I’ve seen several of his peers cover his songs in concert. Don Henley rightfully referred to him as an American Treasure and he definitely deserved his Kennedy Center Honors acknowledgement for his “exemplary lifetime achievement in the performing arts.” When you step back and listen to his catalogue of music it is quite remarkable. The breadth and depth of songs is impressive. As a bonus you get to hear his continued growth and evolution as an artist. Continue reading

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“Winning” – Carlos Santana

arlos Santana is a very smooth guitar player. It never feels like he is worried about impressing his audience with his talent. He is more interested in harnessing the power and beauty of his instrument. I’ve always been impressed by his ability to extend notes and subtly manage the open space between them. There is a sense that the music comes first and there is an unwillingness to compromise his artistic integrity for popularity. Continue reading

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“Harvest Moon” – Neil Young

Neil Young is a song writing machine. The sheer volume of his work is amazing. It’s almost as if he is never bereft of ideas. He also shifts his style and approach like a chameleon: electric, acoustic, rockabilly, country, hard rock, etc. You’re never quite sure what you are going to get when he releases a new CD. Sometimes the material is topical and relevant to world events other times it is intensely personal. He is certainly never boring to listen to as an artist. Continue reading

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“With A Little Luck” – Paul McCartney

There’s not much you can say about Paul McCartney that hasn’t already been written and/or said. He is one of the most important songwriters of the past century and I’ve always found peace and enjoyment through his music. He’s been criticized for not having the same edge as his songwriting partner from The Beatles – John Lennon, but my personal opinion is that this has never been who he is. His style is more subtle and melodic but also equally full of meaning. He doesn’t have to hit you over the head with a hammer to get his point across. Continue reading

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