“Song Of The Patriot” – Johnny Cash

I thought this was a fitting song for the week given everything going on in Washington – we need more patriots there and less egomaniacs.  Adults without shame almost always end up acting like children…

I’ve always been a Johnny Cash fan.  There is something about his songs and lyrics that is purely American.   He may not have been blessed with the best voice in music, but he sure made the most of his talents.  Many of his songs are still classics and have been covered extensively by other artists.

John was an independent, courageous and unique individual.  He would often broach topics others would avoid and sometimes take controversial positions on social issues (especially with his traditional fan base).  It is common knowledge that he struggled with his own personal demons; however his long career is a testament to his resilience.  In addition, his very public love of his family coupled with his wide circle of friends and admirers is a testament to the decency and humanity of the man despite his flaws.

“Song Of The Patriot” was written in 1980 at a time when there was a great malaise in America and a feeling by many that we were on the decline.  My personal opinion is that Johnny Cash saw this going on and decided to write this song with Marty Robbins to “buck us up” and remind us of our history and who we are as a people.   You can’t help but feel patriotic when you listen to it.  Mission accomplished!


About robined

Ed Robinson is an Executive Coach, Management Consultant, Teacher, Writer and Music Lover.
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