“These Days” – Jackson Browne

Jackson Browne has written some amazing songs over his long and storied career.   His fame may have peaked in the 1970s but his musical and songwriting talents just seems to get better with age.  I highly encourage you to check out his newer albums.  I’m always pleased to hear one of his songs get played on the radio, but even better still are the tunes from past albums that don’t get much play anymore.  It’s sometimes sad what gets forgotten and lost in the rock and roll archives.

He always came across as a man wise beyond his years when he was younger.   It’s hard to believe that an artist in the early stages of his life could have had the perspective to write some of the songs that he did back then.  The lyrics are just so thoughtful and the music well structured.  There seems to be little attempt to impress but maximum ability to connect.  His low key style obviously belies considerable depth.  I’ve heard he wrote the song These Days when he was 16 which is pretty hard to fathom.  Have a listen and watch him play an acoustic version of it much later on in his life.  It resonates even more coming from someone who is now in his early 60s.


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Ed Robinson is an Executive Coach, Management Consultant, Teacher, Writer and Music Lover.
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