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“Maybe There’s A World” – Yusuf Islam

Yusuf Islam formerly Cat Stevens has written some powerful songs through the years. There has been quite a bit of unfair criticism and misinterpretation of his religious beliefs. Anyone who has listened to his music knows that he is a thoughtful and peace loving man. In addition, at the peak of his fame in the mid 1970s, he left popular music and dedicated himself to building schools for underprivileged youth. It was only within the last decade that he recommenced his music career. His songwriting talent was missed and it’s nice to have him back. Continue reading

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“Ripple” – The Grateful Dead

I must admit to not being all that familiar with the Grateful Dead when I was younger. It just didn’t seem to be my scene. However, as I’ve aged I’ve grown an appreciation for their music and overall vibe. There is something to be said for not bowing to convention and living your life the way you want to regardless of what others may think. It may have been a “long strange trip” for all those involved but there is a definite poetry and sense of contentedness to their songs. The connection between the band and their supporters is about as strong as I’ve ever seen. So strong in fact, that the line between artist and fan seems blurry at best. They almost operated as one unit with Jerry Garcia serving in the role of Zen Master. Continue reading

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