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“My Thanksgiving” – Don Henley

Don Henley is one of those rare artists who has achieved huge success as part of a band – The Eagles, and as a solo artist. He is truly blessed with exceptional talent. While the music is always good, I’ve found it to be more of a backdrop of what he wants to communicate. Very few artists write lyrics that are this thoughtful and deep. It also usually easy to hear and understand what he is saying which is an underappreciated talent especially from someone who is obviously so well read and intelligent.

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“Never Give Up On A Dream” – Rod Stewart

Rod’s work has had many phases and I’ve always enjoyed listening to where his muse is taking him next. This particular song, “Never Give Up On A Dream” isn’t well known, but is one of my favorites. It was written in 1980 and celebrates the gallant efforts of Terry Fox – a young man with cancer who attempted to run across Canada on one good leg as he struggled with his disease. Sadly, he passed away shortly thereafter. As always is the case you can hear when Rod is truly inspired (as many of us rightfully were at the time). He is truly in his element. Like all good songs, the lyrics transcend the original motivation and resonate on a higher level. Continue reading

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“These Days” – Jackson Browne

ackson Browne has written some amazing songs over his long and storied career. His fame may have peaked in the 1970s but his musical and songwriting talents just seems to get better with age. I highly encourage you to check out his newer albums. I’m always pleased to hear one of his songs get played on the radio, but even better still are the tunes from past albums that don’t get much play anymore. It’s sometimes sad what gets forgotten and lost in the rock and roll archives. Continue reading

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“I Take My Chances” – Mary Chapin Carpenter

From the first time I heard Mary Chapin Carpenter I was hooked. What a great songwriter and singer! She deals with the whole range of human emotions and trials and tribulations of relationships. It also feels like we have a front row seat to her life watching her pass through the various milestones of adulthood. Even when the topic is sad, I somehow leave her songs feeling consoled and somewhat uplifted. She also has the uncanny ability to transport you to place and time that ends up making her experiences feel like your own. I imagine she must be a very empathetic person. Continue reading

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“Maybe There’s A World” – Yusuf Islam

Yusuf Islam formerly Cat Stevens has written some powerful songs through the years. There has been quite a bit of unfair criticism and misinterpretation of his religious beliefs. Anyone who has listened to his music knows that he is a thoughtful and peace loving man. In addition, at the peak of his fame in the mid 1970s, he left popular music and dedicated himself to building schools for underprivileged youth. It was only within the last decade that he recommenced his music career. His songwriting talent was missed and it’s nice to have him back. Continue reading

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“Song Of The Patriot” – Johnny Cash

I’ve always been a Johnny Cash fan. There is something about his songs and lyrics that is purely American. He may not have been blessed with the best voice in music, but he sure made the most of his talents. Many of his songs are still classics and have been covered extensively by other artists. Continue reading

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“Limelight” – Rush

I’ve been a fan of the music of Rush for over 30 years now. It still boggles my mind how 3 people can make such amazing music. I’ve seen groups with more than twice the number of players not equal their sound. When you see them live there are no theatrics or distractions – they just play. Their musicianship is quite extraordinary with each of them probably being one of the top players of their instrument in rock music over the past 4 decades. However, it seems like they rarely seek recognition or adulation – they just go about their business and do what they love. They are content to write great songs with real thought and meaning behind them. My guess is that they tour for their own enjoyment and to celebrate the experience with their fans. It hasn’t been a question of money for a very long time. Continue reading

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